Friday, July 3, 2009

Shake 'Em Up, Sarah!

The web is inundated with reaction to Gov. Sarah Plain’s announcement that she will step down as governor later this month. As a Palin supporter I welcome this announcement and echo the words of Cynthia Yockey:

My reaction to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s announcement today that she will step down on July 25 is that I hope to God she will devote all her energy to winning the presidency in 2012.

My reaction to my newly fellow conservatives and Republicans is that with friends like you, her enemies can relax.

Sarah Palin is not just the best candidate we have now or can foresee. Sarah Palin is the BEST CANDIDATE WE HAVE HAD SINCE RONALD REAGAN! We have NO other candidate with Sarah Palin’s intelligence and charisma and qualifications to be president. DEAL! For heaven’s sakes, it’s time we get behind Gov. Palin and support her and pull together!

Sarah has driven liberals, and some conservatives, absolutely moon bat crazy for reasons I stated yesterday. In response, the crazies have tried to embarrass her with trumped up ethics charges. None of these charges held water, but each required time that could have been better spent taking care of Alaska’s business. The resignation frees Palin to take a more active roll in getting the GOP and this country back on solid footing.

In keeping with her strong character, Palin is taking the harder road. As she stated, she could have kicked back, worked on her resume and milked her paycheck. So let the pundits shake their heads and the liberals wag their tongues. I am proud of Sarah Palin and proud to support her.

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Gail White said...

Well yes, she has qualifications, but I echo the words of Browning:
"Had you, with these the same, but brought a mind!"