Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Alan Grayson Volunteers to Write the Forward to Dick Cheney's Book

The Hill:

The Prince of Darkness himself might be best-suited to write the foreword to former Vice President Dick Cheney's forthcoming book, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) suggested Monday.
Given the size of his ego it doesn't surprise me that Grayson thinks that he is best suited to write the forward to Cheney's book and he may soon find himself with extra time on his hands.

Florida State Legislator Aims to Knock Off Alan Grayson

For a while, potty-mouthed Congressman Alan Grayson of Florida has seemed like one of this cycle's most vulnerable. He represents a district that is usually pretty Republican (Obama carried the district by 5 percentage points) and that Republican Bill McCollum represented for a lot of years. Grayson's style in office has been the opposite of a centrist, carving out his niche as the sneering and obnoxious id of House Democrats. Yet the GOP had trouble finding a top-tier challenger, someone who has run a race or two before and who has a good reputation in that section of Florida.

Now they've found one: Florida state representative Kurt Kelly, who's making it official today.
Prediction: Grayson's sorry ass is going down.

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