Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heavens to Betsy, Could This Administration BE Any More Embarrassing?

I almost hesitate to ask because it appears that the answer is not only "yes" but "HELL YES!" (or in this case, "YES WE CAN!").

Via Paco:

So, now we're going to offer the Christmas-day bomber a deal? Perhaps he's going to spill his guts in return for, what, a guilty plea on a charge of indecent exposure? Smoking on an airplane?

It is impossible to take this administration seriously on the subject of terrorism. Govern yourselves accordingly.

See the Counterterrorism blog for more information on the Nigerian terrorist and on the growing problem with Yemen.
Gee, what happened? Did the "pretty please with sugar on top" thing not work out? The man is a terrorist. Once upon a time, we didn't bargain with terrorists. Now we fluff their pillows at night and leave them a chocolate mint in the morning. One can imagine Osama sitting around the campfire in his cave with his buds laughing his ass off as they all take turns suggesting a more appropriate and wussified name for America now that were too girly to be referred to as the Great Satan.

In less than a year we have gone from the super power to a bunch of pretty in pink, Mother, may I, pansies. Even the French have bigger balls than us. How embarrassing is that?


Bob Belvedere said...

I love the way you word things, Carol.

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First Outrage Of The New Year

Carol said...

Thank you, Bob. I really appreciate how supportive you have been to me and this site.