Monday, January 18, 2010

Yo, You! Yeah You, Mister Voter Chump. Screwwww Yewwwww!


Imagine the contempt you’d have to have for voters’ intelligence to spin a Republican win — in Massachusetts — as some sort of business-as-usual victory for entrenched interests. Hey, champ? In case you haven’t heard, Republicans don’t win in New England anymore. Or at least, they didn’t until you launched Project Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste. This victory belongs to you as much as it does to Scotty B; take credit for it.
Obama really is the gift that just keeps on giving.  Who knew?  So Obama looks at what is turning out to be a major debacle (his administration) as evidenced by an election in Massachusetts in which a Republican may actually win, and he thinks to himself time to double down.  Well alrighty then.  Look, I'm getting tired of using the word "delusional" over and over again when describing the current administration.  Can they please do something, anything, that it is grounded in reality?


Reaganite Republican said...

This Alinskyite toady would call Mother Theresa a “hoochie mama” if it got Dear Leader a half-dozen votes- appalling.

I love how they paint their opponents as “not discussing the issues” right before launching into a character assasination- John “Lurch” Kerry did the same thing yesterday. At least they’re disciplined and working off the same script- if you don’t mind glaring hypocrisy.

Of course many Obot hacks like Olberman had their wagons not just hooked, but WELDED to the Hopenchange pony… now lame.

And it’s not unusual for people get nasty and lash-out when it becomes clear they’ve blown a reckless all-or-nothing bet…

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha- loser

Carol said...

Couldn't agree with you more. Kerry tried to advance the "conservatives are dangerous" meme but he didn't site any dangerous activities.

The man needs to stick wind surfing.