Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Consensus has been achieved on Climate Change

The Bride of Rove and I both live in Florida. The Bride of Rove says it is cold. I say it is cold.We have reached a consensus. Anyone who denies that it is cold is an anti-science flat Earther who should be exiled to Minot, North Dakota (high tomorrow, -10 degrees F, low, -28 degrees F). Are we all on the same page?

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BoR said...

I'm going to equivocate and say now that it is unacceptibly, mind numbingly cold. It's not just "cold" per ce, it's driving the critters out of the Everglades and into Gilberts under the Jewfish Creek Bridge calling 911 for a ride to Mariners for a defrosting, iguanas falling out of the damned trees - and they are 30 pounders down here in the Keys so they do dammage when they hit - cold as Obama's miniscule heart cold. So we may not be in complete agreement on the degree of Climate Change or even the cause because I'm blaming AlGore for this travesty of weather 100%.