Saturday, January 16, 2010

Are you proud?

I have a bad habit of personalizing everything and then projecting my opinions based on the personalization.  I am about to do it again.  I am a proud supporter of Marco Rubio.  I believe that he is a man of integrity and conscientious who will move our country forward in a positive manner.  If anything I do or write helps to get Rubio elected then I am also proud of myself. 

On the other hand, if Rubio were to handle his campaign as Martha Coakley has hers, I would be ashamed and I would withdraw my support for Rubio and not look back.  This is a perfect example:

Dem Mail: Scott Brown Wants Hospitals To Turn Away All Rape Victims

The Massachusetts Democratic Party sent out the above mailer that uses rape victims as political pawns while grotesquely misrepresenting Scott Brown's position.  What is Martha Coakley's response when asked about the ad?  Has she come out against this vicious attack ad?  Not that I am aware of.  Legal Insurrection:

Of course, Martha Coakley is silent on this abuse of the rape issue by her close associates at the Mass Dem Party.

I'm sure, once Coakley gets around to it, she'll say "I'm shocked." Sometime after Tuesday.
I also haven't heard Coakley express any outrage that one of her supporters is encouraging voters in Mass to commit voter fraud in order to get her elected.  I would be mortified if a candidate I supported turned out to be such a gutless sleaze factory.

My question to the voters in Mass-do you want to support a candidate that you can be proud of or are you sticking with Martha Coakley?

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