Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Well let's all secede

Dan Riehl:

Anger With Obama Re-Ignites Secesh Talk ... In Vermont

I always figured if I made enough money I'd buy myself a set of liberals for the mantle so I could sit by the fire at night and watch them dance. They are such entertaining little characters to watch, don't you think?

9 Vt. state office candidates favor secession
Actually, I think I'm quite in favor of secession.  Apparently these nine yahoos don't think Barack Obama isn't liberal enough so it makes perfect sense for them to break away and form their own little Utopia.  They could run their little country however they see fit and create a plethora of social programs suited to meet every need and whim of their citizens.  And pay for them theirselves.

Of course, give it a year and they would either be emigrating in droves or applying for foreign aid.  From us.

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