Saturday, January 2, 2010

Updating the Blogroll

I have finally updated the old blogroll and the first order of business was putting in The Other McCain's new Wordpress address. Coach McCain and Smitty are looking mighty spiffy over there. (Hey Smitty, how about a little tit for tat?) After checking out Stacy's new site jump over to No Sheeples Here and vote that Carol gets her much deserved autographs from Stacy.
The Camp of the Saints has also moved over to Wordpress so don't forget to update accordingly. Bob has been a good friend to this site and I vow to follow him wherever he goes (in a non-creepy, non stalker manner, of course).
Just out of curiosity, can someone drop me an email and explain the advantages of Wordpress vs Blogger? I am always happy to receive advise and criticism that helps me to improve my site.
While changing the blogroll to include Bob and Stacy's new digs I added several sites that I visit every single day day but had never gotten of my lazy ass and put on the blogroll. If I missed anyone, and given my lack of attention to detail I am sure I did, please drop my an email and let me know.
I would love to be a member of the Million Hits Club but until then I would like to thank those people who have made this site a regular on their daily rounds. Please help me grow by passing this site on to your friends and family and as I stated above, please let me know how I can improve.
Bless you all.