Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Believe it is Called "Dripping Contempt"

Jeez, the look Obama is giving his VP says you are so going to wake up with a severed horse head lying next next to you.

Granted, Biden is an idiot but that speaks worse of Obama for choosing him than it does of Biden for accepting.

I (almost) feel sorry for Biden. Obama needed an "elder statesman" in the number two spot to deflect attention from the fact he was completely unqualified to be in the number one spot. Biden proved convenient because, frankly, he isn't bright enough to know that he is a pawn and at this late stage in his career, he probably doesn't care. However, it must be grating for Biden to be forced to defer to a man lacking one-tenth of his experience.

It would be interesting to see the look on Biden's face when this picture was taken. I betcha he is thinking that he'd like to smack the smug right out of there.


jill said...

Dripping contempt is right. Incredible shot.

Hey, I like the new look of your blog. :)

Larry Sheldon said...

Ya know....there is something about this deal that does not crossfoot.

The picture was posted BY THE Whitehouse, right?

It has gone viral (my estimate) and not a positive word (well, Althouse turned in her credibility in October) has been written, nor would any reasonable person be expected to have anything positive to say about it.

What is up with that?

Do we have a mole in the Whitehouse?

Carol said...

Larry, when was the last time anybody saw or heard from Hilary? Maybe this is her way of getting even with Obama for turn the SoS position in to a dead end job.

Either that or she's off somewhere getting a facelift.