Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Potential lost

So, Joy Behar claims that Tim Tebow could have just as easily been "racist pedophile"...  That is undeniably true.  Look around.  The same could be said of every child ever born.  It is also undeniably true that every single one of those millions of unborn children that were put to death in the womb could just as easily been a Marie Currie or a Marc Chagall or the man that Tim Tebow has come to be today.  But we won't ever know will we?  The potential was lost with the lives of those children.

When I read at the Daley Gator that various "women's" groups are objecting to the airing a thirty second commercial featuring Tim Tebow and his mother because of it pro-life message my initial reaction was why?
What are they afraid of?  Is a thirty second pro-life message so dangerous that it justifies censorship?  If the "right to choose" is so important to a segment of our society then shouldn't it be an informed choice?  Aren't women facing a difficult situation entitled to know that they also have the right to choose to keep their child? 

I wish that every woman facing the situation that TimTebow's mother faced twenty-three years ago would make the choice that she made but I know they won't.  Still, if a young woman in that brief thirty seconds gains the strength she needs to move forward with her pregnancy all will not be lost for the women's movement but much could be gained for our society.

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BoR said...

The disturbing thing is, that it is so ingrained in the liberal mind, this idea that abortion reduces crime when in fact the opposite is true. How in the hell do you say with a straight face that a certain class\category of people breed criminals and it is better to execute the offspring BEFORE they ever commit a crime and save us all the trouble. And this makes sense to these jerks and the people they target as breeders of criminals vote for these asshats. When your first statement upon hearing that a person overcame the odds could just as easily have been a murderer and would statistically have been more likely to murder than to contribute possitively - well. You are a liberal - or in proper English - you suck at life. More and mopre they are saying this outloud and no one is hearing what they are really saying. Astonishing.