Thursday, January 21, 2010

BREAKING NEWS! Good looking senator-elect has good looking wife and good looking daughters and they all look good in bathing suits!

Senator-elect Scott Brown did a layout in Cosmo!  Senator elect Scott Brown's wife appeared in a music video!  Senator-elect Scott Brown's daughters wear bikinis while on vacation!  Senator-elect Scott Brown's mother kissed a boy behind the bleachers during the big game!  I made that last one up-but you get my point.

When "progressives" (is that an oxymoron or what) don't have an argument they resort to ugliness or silliness or both.  The revelations about Brown's wife and daughters is the height of silliness.  Further, it goes to how little the Left knows or understands the Right.  Do they really think that anyone on the Right cares if Brown posed in the altogether for Cosmo.  I would willing to bet that the majority of women on the Right had the same reaction I did:  that man looks good!  More power to Brown's wife.  There are (old) pictures out there of me in a bikini.  All together now, SO WHAT?

If this the best the Left can do then we should all settle in for one very silly season.  For myself, I'll stick more pressing issues.

Side note:  When Scott Brown said that his daughters were "available" I immediately thought of my Dad.  It was the kind of goofy thing he would do.  I thought it was sweet and utterly endearing.  Lighten up, folks.  Dads are goofballs and that is why we love them.

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