Monday, January 4, 2010

Strolling Down Memory Lane

Remember George W. Bush? He used to be President of the United States. Bush was a Republican, some would even say a conservative, and as such, Democrats didn't much like him. But they put their dislike aside and supported him because that is what we do.

Do you remember the funny little "pet names" they gave President Bush? Here's a reminder from a a post Doug Ross wrote June 21, 2008:

The progressives have a lot of names for President George W. Bush:

Dubya, Bushie, Shrub, Chimp, Smirky, Bushitler, Chickenhawk One, Hitlerburton, Chimpowitz, Rove's Puppet, Cowboy Hitlerstein, AWOL McPsycho, Bushollini, Cheney's Sock Puppet, Chimpy McDrunkard, Darth Moron, Toxic Texan, Dim Son, Drinky McCokeSpoon, Emperor Chimpatine, Fearful Leader, Herr Bush, Moron-in-Chief, and Satan's Monkey.
But it was all just good fun, right? Wrong. The Left was vicious during the Bush years. Bush wasn't the only target, his entire inner circle were subjected to a barrage of ugly slurs. Sometimes it seemed as if the Left saved their nastiest bile for Secretary of State Condi Rice, who was subjected all manner of racist remarks, rants and racially degrading "cartoons". Unlike President Obama they didn't call Rice "haughty", they called her a House Nigger. There weren't pictures of Rice looking down her nose, instead she was dressed up as Aunt Jemima or drew cartoons that portrayed her as a slut.

Little Miss Attila:

But that is the problem with much of the left: it projects its own racism upon its political opponents. When it tries to fight dirty by labeling political dissent as “racism,” it only shows its own hand. (emphasis added)
Absolutely. The Left accuses the Right of racism because if the roles were reversed, when they were reversed, they acted like disgusting, racist beasts and they enjoyed it.

Just out of curiosity, is it okay to throw around the title Satan's Monkey now?

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