Saturday, January 9, 2010

Whatever happened to "the will of the people"?

Reacting to the Boston Globes's Scott Brown swearing-in would be stalled to pass health care reform Cold Fury wrote this: 

I probably ought to say that none of this should be taken to mean I don’t think it’s worth working to get Brown elected; it most certainly is. But it ought to be clear enough by now to even the thickest-skulled Pollyanna out there that the health-care takeover fight is over, and we lost. The Democrat Socialists have shown they’ll stick at absolutely nothing whatsoever — fair, foul, or outright illegal — to get this thing rammed through, and rammed through NOW. They’ve been fighting to open this big-government Pandora’s box for decades; they want it more than they’ve ever wanted anything. And they have no scruples, no honor, no integrity, and no regard for the American Constitution to slow them down one iota in their rush to get it.

We won’t undo six decades of statist creep with one election, and we won’t turn back the socialized-medicine juggernaut with the election of one Senator from one of our most liberal states. Might as well put your faith in Obama to stem the rise of the oceans, end war and poverty, and all that other tommyrot while you’re at it.
Of course I hope that Scott Brown is elected.  I have been following the news of the election via Legal Insurrection where Prof. Jacobson has been informing and updating daily.  But has Cold Fury points out, this one election will not change what has been in the making for decades:  the discounting of the will of the people. 

I would love to blame our loss of voice on the Democratic party but Republicans are equally guilty, as are the voting public that has allowed our country reach a crisis point before having a "hey, wait a minute" epiphany.  Our elected officials have ignored the citizenry and have enacted their will contrary to the wishes of the people.  Should Massachusetts not seat Brown until after the health care vote, it would simply be par for the course.

This is a prime example of why the Tea Party movement is so important.  We need to put the people back in charge of the process and return to the small government principals that made this country great.  The Tea Party represents the growing number of citizens who want a return to the time when government answered to "the little guy" not Big Business, Big Labor, Big Environment and whoever dropped a couple of coins in their pockets.

Conservatives need to get over the idea that victory consists getting people elected who have a (R) after their name.  Victory is electing people who vote according to the will of the people.


Anonymous said...

Obviously, with regard to health care, you must have never left the country to see that other countries have a wonderful standard of living, all while getting much of government support. Taxes are higher, everyone pays them, and people do not have to worry about sending their kids to college, health care, maternity leave...all is well in these countries...just go there. As a matter of fact, why not just google Oprah's show the other day on Copenhagen. Tell me those people are unhappy with their lives!

Carol said...

Actually, I have spent a great deal of time in Europe and I lived in Turkey for a year and a half (my daughter was born there). But I don't live in Europe and I was not writing about Europe, but as you wish.

If I am ever diagnosed with cancer I pray that it is here under our current system rather than the nightmare that is in place in Great Britain.

If you favor dependency on the government for every aspect of your life, so be it. There are plenty of places available where you can go to relegate your responsibilities to the state. I, and I believe most Americans, prefer self-determination.