Sunday, January 24, 2010

Could GlacierGate lead to criminal charges?

Lets certainly hope so.

IPCC Head in Glaciergate Crime?

 The London Times continues to follow the glaciergate story–and it keeps getting worse.

The latest disclosure: Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN’s (formerly) prestigious Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (known as the IPCC), may have raised millions of dollars for his New Delhi institute on the basis of the totally bogus ‘glaciergate’ claim by the IPCC that the Himalayan glaciers would melt by 2035.

According the the London Times, Pachauri’s institute got money from the European Union and the US-based Carnegie Corporation to investigate a prediction that never had any scientific backing whatever, and one which all serious glacier scientists instantly recognized as impossible. The bogus claim was frequently repeated in the fundraising efforts — and reiterated as recently as January 15 when the IPCC was already under intense pressure to admit it had blundered.

This is now more than an example of eye-popping incompetence and gross neglect of elementary scientific standards by a body on whose authority the world is expected to make multi-trillion dollar decisions affecting every business and every person on the planet.

It is now, potentially, a criminal issue. If Pachauri knew the claim was bogus and allowed these grant applications to go forward, he could find himself facing criminal charges. (emphasis added)
Global Warming is the scam of the century and scammers belong in prison.  Pachauri should not be an exception.  The scam has cost untold billions to governments, and by extension taxpayers, all over the world.  Given the corrupt nature of the UN it is no surprise that it has played a central role in promoting the con game. 

It is past time to apply the brakes.  No more taxpayer money should line the pockets of Global Warming corruptocrats and Pachauri, Gore, et al., should suffer the same fate as Bernie Madoff.  In this country we should insist that our Congressmen permanently shelve Cap & Trade. 

I anything good comes out of this we can hope that in the future people will not be so gullible and will be more skeptical when "scientists" make fantastic and nonsensical pronouncements.  Follow the money.

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