Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book burning comes to Great Britain

Jimmie at the Sundries Shack is reporting that the elderly in Great Britain have taken to burning books to keep warm.

It seems that Great Britain, buying in to the Global Warming scam, has passed draconian energy measures that has resulted in sky-rocketing energy costs.  It is simply cheaper for the elderly and poor to purchase used books to use as fuel than to purchase coal.  Should the current administration here pass Cap & Trade our poor will be forced to find creative ways to stay warm as well.

Too often the poor pay a disproportionate penalty for the causes championed by the elite.  The poor man in Canada in need of a hip replacement suffers for months, if not years waiting for treatment while the wealthy man crosses the border to the States and receives the care he needs.  And yet, it is their system that is considered more "compassionate" than ours.

Jimmie quotes Ed Driscoll:

The rulers of National Socialist Germany burned books because they were frightened by their content; the citizens of socialist England burn books because of their nation’s whackadoodle environmentally correct energy policies.
What a horribly sad commentary on our "modern" world.

Read the entire story.

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