Saturday, January 16, 2010

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Funny: Press corps torments Gibbs again with questions about transparency

A palate cleanser courtesy of Media Blog. He’s right that they’ve been over this before and they’re right that he hasn’t given them a satisfactory explanation. With good reason. The only satisfactory answer — “my boss is a brazen liar who’ll promise dopey liberals anything to get elected” — isn’t available. So we end up with the political equivalent of a conversation from a dysfunctional marriage. Why do we have to talk past each other, baby?
If there is anything I know, sadly, it is a dysfunctional marriage.  The analogy is particularly appropriate.  There is something incredibly paternal about this administration.  It appears to be an almost overwhelming need on the part of Gibbs & Co. to show the country just who wears the pants in this relationship.  Unfortunately, (fortunately?) they just aren't macho enough to pull it off.  Gibbs come off buffoonish. 

The one silver lining for Democrats in the very gray ObamaCare cloud? This seems like such a minor issue now relative to the rest of it. They’re gaming cost estimates, they’re bribing senators, they’re ignoring virtually every poll in the country showing massive disapproval. Why not extend the middle finger on transparency too? Are people going to go from enraged to really enraged or something?
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