Sunday, January 3, 2010

Where's My Global Warming?

Don Surber:

Who said the Copenhagen conference on ending global warming was unsuccessful?

Even as delegates convened, temperatures dropped and Denmark enjoyed a rare blizzard.

The president came home to two feet of snow and on Christmas Day, two-thirds of the nation’s lower 48 were under snow. Ho, ho, ho.
Yeah, well that's all well and good for the rest of you but I'm freezing down here just south of Tampa. No, really. Check this out: Average Tampa Bay Weather & Temperatures, January high 69.8° F, low 50.0° F

As you can plainly see, I should not be sitting here freezing, yet I am. I don't expect July temperatures in December (though it would be nice) but I don't think normal highs and lows are too much to ask for. Its not just for me-think of the poor tourists who are feeling totally screwed right now.

I realize that Al Gore and Dr Rajendra Pachauri stand to make a lot of money off Global Warming but they'll never scam, um, earn their second billion if the weather doesn't co-operate.

So you see, I'm not being selfish at all.


SwampWoman said...

You think you're cold? I'm up here in NE Florida in the low 20s!

Carol said...

Its just not right. These kinds of temps are for Northerners, not us. This time last year I was sitting on the beach sipping a margarita. Now I'm feeling like my toes my fall off.

Carol said...

May, not my. See, I'm so cold I can't type.