Saturday, January 16, 2010

Why I pray that the people in Massachusetts vote for Scott Brown

Doug Ross:

To my brothers and sisters in Massachusetts,

Few people ever get a chance to tell their children that they helped save their country. On Tuesday, you have that chance.

By casting a vote for Scott Brown, you can provide the 41st vote in the United States Senate that will block President Obama's agenda.

In casting a vote for Scott Brown, you can stop the 2200-page health care bill that rewards unionized workers, citizens of Nebraska, and medical malpractice lawyers.

In casting a vote for Scott Brown, you can stop "Cap-and-Trade" bills that claim carbon dioxide -- which plants need to produce oxygen -- is a taxable pollutant.

In casting a vote for Scott Brown, you can halt the kind of open borders policy that has destroyed California's economy and which threatens our nation as a whole.

In casting a vote for Scott Brown, you can quietly state your belief in the founding principles of the United States. That is: limited government, a respect for individual liberty, free enterprise and private property.

Those who oppose your vote reject America's founding principles: the very tenets that led to the creation of the greatest country the world has ever seen.
Massachusetts is far more liberal state than my own.  That said, are the families in Russell, Mass. that different than the families in Ruskin, FL?  I would bet that our lives have more in common than not, and that our goals for our families, our communities and our country are largely the same.   We may approach solutions from different perspectives but our values unite us.
Our country is heading in the wrong direction.  The people in Massachusetts have the opportunity to force the government to take a time out and rethink its priorities.  We need a stable economy, a return to full employment and security for our nation.  By voting for Scott Brown, the people can send a clear message to the federal government that it needs to stick to those responsibilities given to it by our Constitution and allow the states to decide for themselves which programs are important to them.
We will all be with you on Tuesday.

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M.E. said...

I've never been as excited and nervous about an election as this one. I'm praying hard for Brown, have donated money to the campaign, and emailed my MA cousin about it.

It's in God's hands. I just hope it's such a blowout that the Dems can't possibly cheat enough to win. I'm searching for an article I'd just read that nearly tempted me to despair, about how Soros put in place a "Secretary of States" plan to get control of the counting of the vote in every state. That's how Franken "won" in MN -- complete cheating during the count. Sickening.

God help us!! Pray, and be the best person you can be to help bring our country back to moral standards!!

Carol said...

I feel just like you do. If Coakley wins it will only be because the Dems cheated. If they do that people will never have faith in our system again.

I will keep praying. And praying. We have a chance to turn things around.