Monday, January 18, 2010

It is a bit overcast today. I blame Bush.

Nah, not really but the recurring theme coming out of Mass is that if Marcia Martha Coakley loses it will be George Bush's fault.  I've been grateful to Pres. Bush for several things over the years so if Brown wins I will remember to say, "Thank you, George!".

Seriously, is Obama responsible for anything?  It must be nice to be able to sail through life knowing that no matter what asinine policy you put in place you can blame its inevitable failure on your predecessor.  The Stimulus didn't stimulate anything-Bush's fault.  Unemployment over 10 percent-Bush's fault.  The "bluest of the blue" states snubs the Dem candidate-Bush's fault. 

On the up side, if Dems continue to keep their heads in the sand and their asses in the air, November is going to be the sweetest month of all.  So hang on to your delusions my little blue buddies but keep an eye on the Help Wanted Ads and polish up those resumes* because unemployment is a bitch.

*Helpful hint-do not put "former Democratic Congressman" on the resume.  It is a sure deal breaker.

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