Saturday, December 5, 2009

ClimateGate Denialists Screech, Fling Poop

Via Memeorandum:

ClimateGate denialist Brad Johnson at Think Progress is frothing at the mouth:

As the United States — led by President Barack Obama — prepares to join the world in the fight against global warming, the opponents of reform are resorting to criminal desperation, harkening back to the amoral extremes of Richard Nixon. The release of the hacked emails from CRU was praised as the act of a “whistleblower” by conservatives. “The timing couldn’t be better,” chortled Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK). The original Watergate scandal began when right-wing operatives burglarized the offices of their political opponents during a presidential election. “Climategate” is turning out to be worse — now the criminals are turning on scientists as the world burns.

Brad, obviously not given to open mindedness, tolerance or simple, clear thought processes, doesn't like it when his religion is attacked. Considering that the files at the CRU were more likely leaked than hacked, the Watergate analogy is a bit misplaced. No matter. I can almost imagine Brad orgasmic with righteous indignation as his belief system is exposed as the scam of the century.

There is one way that Watergate is similar to ClimateGate-in both cases the guilty parties destroyed evidence in an attempt to cover up their crimes. In ClimateGate, it is the "scientists" who behaved in a Nixonian manner.

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