Monday, December 7, 2009

Why I Rarely Watch TV

I decided for a variety of reasons to take a break from blogging. So, needing, for a variety of reasons, to pursue something totally mindless, I turned on the TV. CSI Miami to be exact. And lo and behold, ripped from the headlines is a murdered census worker complete with a angry white woman. These days who else refuses to co-operate investigators, besides, you know, we, pro-government, knuckle dragging WAPY trailer trash sorts who have suddenly become anti-government, with the election of a black man.

Suddenly, by pure coincidence, we have a black woman, a “domestic” worker with a heavy accent, who expresses concern, but can’t get involved because her white mistress wouldn’t like it. Oh, and there’s a meth lab involved. I am assuming that is because, ala my former home state of Kentucky, if you’re against big government you are also pro illegal drugs. Sheesh, how many stereotypes can they pack in to one segment?

I’m not going to watch this all the way through. As much as I really, really need a break this isn’t it. I get up every and go to work. I belong to the segment of society that pays taxes. I take care of my parents. I help my grown children. I think I deserve better than to be cracked on by a bunch on over paid actors whose only claim to fame is that they can regurgitate lines on cue.

Totally aside, the census worker’s death had nothing to do with the fact that he worked for the government. Go figure. But the evil white woman got arrested.

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kc said...

Carol, I haven't watched "network" television in years. I don't watch 'must see' drama OR comedy. Or news. I used to, but have no time for such things nowadays, and I find my mood lighter when I avoid pretty much anything but Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN2. And baseball.

And I don't know where you get the idea those pretty people on CSI: Miami are actors - isn't one of 'em David whatsisface? That guy can't act any more than my cat can bake a cake!