Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nadia!

Happy birthday to my beautiful baby girl who has grown in to such an incredible woman. I am proud of the talented person and loving mother that you have become.

Even though we are on opposite sides of the country, you are always in my heart.

Have a wonderful birthday.




MarySue said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. She's is very pretty!

Carol said...

Thank you. I am very proud of her.

Anonymous said...

Two questions Carol. First is your daughter single? Second, does she like bloggers?

Carol said...

Sorry Doug, Nadia is currently taken. However, I'll keep you in mind if anything changes.

Kara Schmidt said...

Carolyn - This is Kara Schmidt. I have moved back to Florida and have been looking for you. It looks like you an I share the same political views. You look so pretty in your picture!! I hope you get this message. You can reach me at

By the way - Nadia is beautifull.

Your Friend Always - Kara

Carol said...

Kara, we are so getting together! What has it been, twenty years? This is just fantastic!