Friday, December 4, 2009

Politico Plays a Games of Wiffleball With Al Gore

Some things just boggle the mind and Politico’s Q and A with Al Gore is a boggler. In light of ClimateGate, why would anyone interview The Goreacle and not ask one question about what is being called the worst scientific scandal of our time? Pundit:

I've been curious to find out what Al Gore has to say about the scandal, so instead of ignoring his blather I scanned John F. Harris and Mike Allen's Politico interview with him. You'd think they'd ask him about the emails, the recriminations, the UN's plan to "investigate" the scandal, his recent change in schedule, or maybe even the suggestions that he ought to give back his Oscar.

Yeah, you’d think. Did Politico agree upfront not to ask Gore about ClimateGate? Some tough journalism that.

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