Monday, December 21, 2009

Pro Abortion "Feminists" Won't be Happy Until They are Free to Kill Children Right up to the Age of Majority

This level of tripe is common among pro abortion "feminists":

I think there’s a bit of reverse psychology going on with respect to the issue of abortion. Let’s dispense with the term anti-abortion, shall we? Let’s call it what it really is: The movement to deny women the ability to decide for themselves whether to be parents as most persons endowed by their creators with unalienable rights have the right to do. With anti-abortion measures, women are not just subject to the state, they are forced to recognize a religious presence in their lives whether they have faith or not. Men do not need to recognize any faith. They are allowed complete freedom of conscience.

Aside from any other illogical, not to mention incorrect, frothing in the above paragraph, the writer has much in common with her pro-abortion sisters. There seems to be a hard-wired belief amongst these women that pregnancy is inevitable and unavoidable; sooner or later it’s going to get them through no fault of their own. Yet oddly, there are sexually active women who never find themselves under the brute force of the theocratic state compelled to become pregnant. How do they do that?

One wonders if “riverdaughter” is as pleasant in person as she is in paper. As a (somewhat) older woman I feel that I should pass on the wisdom of my years-lighten up, smile, enjoy life and for goodness sake, use birth control.

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