Sunday, December 13, 2009

We Fight

Via Memeorandum

Erick at RedState is calling on all Republican senators to stand up and fight to stop the health care bill from advancing. Stacy McCain asks, If Not Now, When? We know the answer, if not now, never. If we don't stand up when the government is poised to takeover one sixth of our economy we will never get another chance.

Each of us only has two senators. If you have a Republican senator email Erick's article to them. If you have a Democratic senator, email them and let them know where you stand. Follow up with a phone call.

Poll after poll has shown that we don't want this bill. It does no good to talk to pollsters. Talk to your neighbors. Talk to your family. Talk to anyone who will listen. But most of all, talk to your senator.

We fight!

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