Friday, December 18, 2009

Golden Words

This, my friends, is eloquence:

Speak for yourself, pussy. But how emblematic of liberal weakness and the odd, seemingly contradictory arrogance that is its ugly, constant companion: this worm is so gutless he even loathes himself for his boundless self-loathing, and he can’t imagine that other intelligent people might not be as inclined to wallow in the shallow cesspool of impotent futility as he is. It’s every bit as pathetic as it is contemptible. And it’s remarkable that so many people are drawn to such a weepy, adolescent world view, seeing as how the only thing it really has to offer is misery and despair — ie, limits.

I read the paragraph, paused, thought, and then read it again. The writer could be talking about anyone, or everyone, on the Left. True Progressives are a (thankfully) small minority in this country. A movement simply can’t “catch on” when it is comprised of individuals completely devoid of basic survival skills.

The unyielding belief in self preservation is unheard of and unthinkable among our Progressive brethren. The first tenant of unworthiness espoused by the Left is that no man is greater (though often lesser) than the lowest creature. Human exceptionalism is mocked by those who take to the streets to save a snail but scoff at the mere idea of saving an unborn child. The utter backwardness of the Progressive movement is breathtaking.

I think too highly of myself to ever be accepted by the Left. I’m proud of that.

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