Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Tiger Woods Just Keeps Growing

It is starting to look like the Tiger Wood's story has more legs than a centipede. Donald has a new post up American Power and among other things, he has an excerpt of one of Tiger's "sexts." Tiger is turning out to be one classy guy.

Donald also reports, complete with email exchanges, that Tiger professed his love for Rachel Uchitel. But apparently neither his vows to his wife nor his "love" for Uchitel got in the way of his multiple conquests.

Sheesh, where did he find the time? I mean, what are we up to-eleven? Tiger Wood's "I'm not perfect" will go down in understatement infamy along side of Nixon's "I'm not a thief."

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James Nicholas said...

Well, it is the rock star life style so many crave. Girls, girls, girls.

Was not Madonna thought to be "cutting edge" for pushing sexual barriers back. She came out with a book (largerly featuring herself I am told) titled simply 'Sex'. Huge star. Demi Moore received accolades for posing nude on the cover of Vanity Fair or some such magazine (twice), once while pregnant with Bruce Willis' child. Since then she has married Ashton Kutcher. Earvin 'Magic' Johnson did not contract HIV from a tainted blood transfusion. Hugh Hefner claims Viagra is the greatest pharmaceutical to be developed in the modern age, apparently making extensive use of the medication, even though he is not currently married.

It is not just Tiger that is messed up, it is our values as a society as a whole that are off. And if the only sinful act we decry is the act of misleading others as to our private lives, then to avoid earning the hypocricy label for ourselves we should be willing to have our own personal thoughts, desires and actions displayed for the world to see equally as much as we are willing to examine Tigers.

It's very messed up, that is true. I don't argue that. But sin is familiar territory. I am no stranger to it.