Saturday, December 26, 2009

Let the Merriment Begin!

From Don Surber:

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said the public would cheer Democrats when they got home, so beloved is Obamacare. When Democrats go home, Reid said, “Yes, we’ll hear an earful, but it will be an earful of wonderment and happiness.”

Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd arrived in Connecticut, and got this “earful of wonderment and happiness”:

A man cried out, “You’re not gonna get re-elected.”

Is it just me, or does “an earful of wonderment and happiness” sound like part of a saying of Chairman Mao?

Now, in the spirit of the Season, I'm not wishing bad on the people who've served up that crap sandwich known as ObamaCare, but I think I should be forgiven if I pop some popcorn and kick back to enjoy the show. What do you want to bet that our Congressmen go to avoid their constituents during their break?

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