Thursday, December 17, 2009

Liars, Scammers and Frauds (and Hillary Clinton), Oh, My!

Hillary Clinton went to Copenhagen and as my Mom would say, talked out of her ass:

"In the context of a strong accord in which all major economies pledge meaningful mitigation actions and provide full transparency as to those actions, the U.S. is prepared to work with other countries towards a goal of mobilising $100bn a year to address the needs of developing countries," Sec. of State Hillary Clinton said, according to BBC.

As Darlene Click said at Protein Wisdom said, It’s not like, you know, it will be coming out of Hillary Clinton’s own bank account. It's also not like Hillary has the authority to commit the United States to anything, but in this case, it is the thought that counts.

Clinton's pledge feeds the notion that we owe the world. But were we to give all that we have "the world" would demand more while still insisting that we hadn't done enough. Those gathered in Copenhagen care little about our exceptionalism. If they think at all of the innovations born in the USA that have benefited the world as whole it is to complain we are destroying the planet. On one hand they insist that as a "rich" nation we have a duty to the world but then they cheer wildly when Hugo Chavez claims that "capitalism is the road to Hell."

This is a summit of liars, scammers and frauds and soon our president will be among them. The Apology Tour continues...

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James Nicholas said...

This "wealthy nation" idea is a bit disconnected with reality. Our national debt is at 11.4 trillion, and is shooting up at a most prodigious pace. Our President has settled on the idea that he will spend our way out of the recession, but that kindof talk is for professionals - don't try it at home.

In the history of all the world, no nation has ever come close to being so heavily burried in debt. I'm glad you're happy with the location, but make sure to leave your cleaning deposit at the front desk.

We don't own the place, we're renters here.