Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Danish Are Taking This Whole "Messiah" Thing A Little Too Seriously


Think about it. Jesus? The miracle of the loaves and fishes. The One? The miracle of jobs “created or saved.” Jesus? Water into wine. The One? Money from thin air. Jesus? Capable of being everywhere all at once. The One? Ditto. And of course, people have been known to pray to both.

In fairness, to a left-wing atheist, I’d imagine this is a toughie
He's referring to an article in the Danish newspaper Politiken titled Obama greater than Jesus.

No, really.

I would laugh except that in a very real way it just isn't funny. I don't mean from a religious point of view. Anybody who would compare Obama to Jesus and find Jesus wanting is beyond any words that I could say. It just strikes me as sad that anybody, even some editor unknown to me, feels the need to deify any mortal. Denmark must be a very bleak place.

Sorry, it is so over the top it is a little funny. Or as Jim Geraghty said:

Come on, you wimp, call him greater than Mohammed.
I doubt we will be seeing angry Christian mobs rioting in the streets, burning Danish flags or issuing death threats against the editor of Politiken.

Image from gettomass.com


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