Monday, December 28, 2009

"Terrorists - 1, United States of Fear - 0" My A$$

Let me share with you a comment I received on my earlier post "Lefties: What's the Big Deal About Blowing Up a Plane Full of People?":

Anonymous said...
Terrorists won the moment the "war on terror" was declared. The goal of terrorism is not to destroy, it is to undermine a society by TERRORIZING it, and that is EXACTLY what they have done.Terrorists - 1, United States of Fear - 0.
Where to begin?

First, I admire the simplicity of the commenter’s thought processes. “Anonymous” seems to be saying that if we simply ignored terrorists terrorism would not exist. Poof!

But no, we (read: Bush) declared the “war on terror” and in the thinking of Anonymous, we (read: Bush) created terrorism.

Anonymous opines that terrorists aren’t actually trying to kill us, they just want to scare us. Well it seems to me that the 9/11 crew and Maj. Nidal Hasan caused a great deal of destruction but I doubt that the people who stand on Anonymous’ side of the fence spend much time thinking about the lives of Americans lost or their loved ones left behind.

I think the part of the comment that bothers me, aside from its total inanity, is this: “Terrorists - 1, United States of Fear - 0.” Speak for yourself, puppy. I don’t see my fellow citizens crouching in fear. Just the opposite. Most Americans recognize the threat that radical Islam poses and rather than cowering they are resolute and fearless.

Reading between lines of the comment’s silliness is the typical Lefty assertion that America deserves to be a target. Bull hockey. We are the Land of Opportunity and Freedom. To this day scores flock to our shores to be part of the greatness that cannot be found in any other country on Earth. And it is, to paraphrase Tolkien, by the blood of our people that countless lands are kept free.

No, the terrorists have not won and they never will so long as patriotic Americans fearlessly face them down.

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