Saturday, December 5, 2009

Kenvin Jennings, Safe Schools Czar and Sick Son of a Bitch

Last night I read Gateway Pundit's report on Kevin Jennings, President Obama's "Safe Schools" Czar, who is promoting child porn in our schools. I read the passages from the books that Jennings, through GLSEN, believes should be included on our school's reading lists. I won't reprint the sections here, though I strongly suggest that all parents read them. Parents need to know what this Administration is foisting on our children.

The passages I read contained graphic depictions of homosexual acts between children and between children and adults. Let me clear, I support civil unions for gays and lesbians. I do not believe that the actions between consenting adults is any of my concern. These books have nothing to do with gay rights. These books have nothing to do with promoting self esteem. In fact, in many cases, these books depict personal degradation as normal and desired. But my shock that these books are being targeted at children isn't based on any feeling I have about a gay or lesbian lifestyle. These books promote the sexualization of children and no matter anything else, the "sexing up" of children is wrong.

We are all born as sexual beings and I don't believe that it is shocking to say to we all have sexual feelings from a very young age. I also don't doubt that if a child that has feeling that are outside of societal norms experiences more confusion and more shame than other children. Responsible parents deal with these feelings, often in a covert manner, by promoting self esteem and helping their children set personal limits. The goal is to help our children delay physical encounters until they have the emotional maturity to experience their sexuality in a safe, healthy manner.

Our schools haven't done a particularly good job of fulfilling their intended purpose. They should not be in the business of agenda promotion. I would be just as opposed to these books if they promoted heterosexual acts between children. Don't get me started about sexual acts between unequals, i.e., adults and children. More than anything, schools should not be a party to eroding the relationship between parents and their children.

I am sorry if Jennings parents didn't deal his sexuality in a manner to his liking. But that is no excuse for making schools a branch of the the sex industry. Jennings is Obama's pick, let the President tell us why he supports these reading lists and why he chose a sick SOB as his "Safe Schools" Czar. In the mean time (I won't hold my breath while waiting for an explanation from the President) schools need to figure out how to improve math and reading skills and keep their hands off our children's bodies.

NOTE: Paco informs me that Gateway Pundit came under a cyber attack after posting on Jennings. I'm sure, as Master Paco says, it was just a strange coincidence.

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