Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So Who is Paying for Nelson's 30 Second Holiday Bowl Ad?

From Michelle Malkin:

Cornhuckster sellout Sen. Ben Nelson will grovel before Nebraskans in a 30-second political spot airing tonight during the Holiday Bowl game.

Can you disguise the taint of Demcare bribes and beclowning with half a minute of folksy chatter?

Methinks not:

As a fresh poll measured the political cost of Sen. Ben Nelson’s health reform vote, he prepared Tuesday to take his case directly to Nebraskans during Wednesday night’s Holiday Bowl game.

Nelson will air a new TV ad in which he attempts to debunk opposition claims that the Senate legislation represents a government takeover, and he makes the case for health care reform.

“With all the distortions about health care reform, I want you to hear directly from me,” the Democratic senator says in the ad.

Nelson, dressed in an open-necked shirt and sweater, speaks directly into the camera during the 30-second ad.

The message will be launched during the Nebraska-Arizona football game and continue to air statewide for an undisclosed number of days. (emphasis added)

Okay. A thirty second ad during the Holiday Bowl and the ad will continue to be aired for an undisclosed number of days. That must cost a pretty penny. Who the Hell is paying for it?

I would assume that the taxpayers aren’t paying but these days, anything is possible. Is money left over in his campaign fund? If that is the case, it really doesn’t concern me because I’ve never contributed to Nelson’s or any other Democrat’s campaign. On the other hand, if I had contributed to Nelson and he used the money to bail his butt out of a freefall I would be pissed.
Maybe Nelson is paying out of his own pocket. Does anybody know?

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