Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Change of Heart or a Loss of Mind

Apologies to a cherished reader who made it clear that he did not like posts relating to a certain Charles or Andrew.  I am only human and as such, occasionally succumb to weakness.  Tim Blair has gone deep into the archives of LGF, and the days before Mr. Johnson's conversion to the Church of Conservatives Suck, and come back with some precious nuggets reflecting Chuckles former thoughts on our current President.  I have added emphasis but left out the links to LGF.  The links, if desired, may be found in Tim Blair's post.

• “Interesting information about one of the Democrats’ rising stars, who is apparently an unreconstructed Marxist with a slick surface.”

• [Barack Obama and other Democrats are] “going to get us all killed.”

• “Here’s a piece on Barack Obama’s past, based on his own account of his shockingly racist anti-white attitudes.”

• “How would the world’s 249 gazillion Muslims react to having an American president who is also a Muslim apostate?”

• “Howard Slams Obama’s Appeasement Platform.”

• “Does Barack Obama really believe this kind of message is going to work with Americans? This is ridiculous. He’s sounding more like a bad Daily Kos post every day.”

• “We’re supposed to believe that a candidate for president is going around the country giving speeches completely off the cuff. Improvising as he goes. And just happens to end up insulting the military.”

• “Oh yeah. Call the Prime Minister of Australia a chickenhawk. Now that’s presidential."

• “Here’s a close look at the church attended by presidential candidate Barack Obama, the Trinity United Church of Christ—a Christian version of the Nation of Islam.”

• “Truthers Dig Obama."

• “One of the budding young jihadis at IslamicAwakening.com, a ‘Desi Islamic warrior’ posting from ‘Mil-town, USA,’ is feeling rather persecuted and wishing for Barack Obama to save him.”

• ”Barack Obama, meanwhile, speaking to a group of Democrats in Iowa, wants to send the Palestinians more money.”

• “Will Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Edwards ever be confronted over their pandering to people who think like (Kos)?”

• “This may be the most cynical and hypocritical batch of Democrats that has ever run for President.”

• ”Obama talks tough on terror. Nation snickers.”

• ”Obama Not Ready for Prime Time.”

• ”Barack Obama tries to have it both ways, as usual.”

• “After he invades Pakistan, and opens diplomatic relations with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Barack Obama will eliminate nuclear weapons.”

• “I’m now beginning to put some credence in the idea that Barack Obama is nothing but a stalking horse for the Hillary Clinton campaign, because nobody could really be this stupid.”

• ”Obama Evades, Approval Plummets.”

• “CHANGE! I’m using the occasion of Obama’s change-oriented victory speech in South Carolina to tinker with the LinkViewer while subconsciously counting the invocations of the CHANGE Power Word.”

• “Ted Kennedy is jumping aboard the Obama bandwagon.”

• ”Barack Obama has publicly repudiated Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, but Debbie Schlussel says she’s spoken with an Obama insider, who told her that Obama continues to employ several Farrakhan followers in his campaign.”

• ”Obama and Clinton try to outdo each other on the all-important issues of appeasement and surrender.”

• “I still can’t decide who to vote for. I know who I want to vote against: the Hillary-Obama Appeasement Complex.”

• “Just last August, Barack Obama was pronouncing the Iraq War a ‘Complete Failure.’ That’s with a capital C and a capital F.”

• ”Barack Obama won’t wear an American flag on his lapel, but on the wall of his Houston campaign office: a Cuban flag with a picture of Communist mass murderer Che Guevara.”

• “Facts: Barack Obama did explicitly refuse to wear a flag pin, and there are not one, but two Cuban flags with Che Guevara on them at Obama’s Houston campaign office.”

• “If things seem sluggish at LGF today, it’s because of all the incoming links to the Obama-Che Guevara story.”

• ”Barack Obama has sponsored a bill that’s on the fast track to becoming law, that could impose an enormous global tax on the United States under the control of the United Nations.”

• “On February 16, 2008, Barack Obama does appear to have been rather ‘liberally inspired’ by a 2006 speech by Deval Patrick.”

• “An American Expat in Southeast Asia reports on a television series about Barack Obama’s youth as a Muslim.”

• “Hot Air has video of Michelle Obama saying she has not been proud of America in her entire adult life—until now that her husband is running for President. I wasn’t shocked by the statement; it’s pretty standard ‘progressive’ thinking.”

• ”Michelle Obama’s thesis: Racial divide. Institutionalized racism.”

• “Another Photo Of Obama In Muslim Garb? Looks like it.”

• “Hey, Barack and Hillary are going to vie for the coveted Democratic nomination again tonight on MSNBC, grabbing for the brass ring, smiling for the cameras, spinning like dervishes, singing Kumbaya and Change and Diplomacy and Change and Health Care and Change! Changey-change change! Sing it with me, won’t you?”

• “Forget about Barack Obama’s middle name; what matters are his views on foreign policy—and those views are a mixture of idiotarian progressivist cant and embarrassing self-contradiction.”

• “The Kos Kidz see Barack Obama as a pioneer, challenging outmoded concepts like ‘patriotism’ and ‘pride in America’.”

• “Canadian Television has a bombshell story on the hypocrisy and double-dealing of Barack Obama.”

• “After Barack Obama invades Pakistan, one of his close advisers, Samantha Power, may have another target in mind: Israel.”

• “Laptop computers captured from FARC terrorists by Colombia reveal that FARC is hoping and expecting that Barack Obama will be the next US President.”

• ”Michelle Obama: America is ‘Just Downright Mean.’”

• “In April of last year, Sarah Hussein Obama told the New York Times she is a devout Muslim.”

• ”Obama’s promise to remove all troops from Iraq within a year is horse puckey.”

• “Here’s your clearing house for all news related to the ever-widening Barack Obama-Tony Rezko scandal.”

• ”Barack Obama’s campaign of empty self-contradictory promises has apparently hoodwinked the state of Wyoming.”

• “There are some rather serious discrepancies between the stories Obama tells and the reality.”

• ”Obama Fools Mississippi.”

• “With all of the faux outrage from the left directed at people who use Barack Obama’s unmentionable middle name, who was the first one to cross this horrible line of racism and bigotry? Hint: his middle name is ‘Hussein.’”

• “The man Barack Obama calls his spiritual adviser, who is credited for giving him the title of his book, The Audacity of Hope, and who married Obama and his wife and baptized their two daughters, is an America-hating racist.”

• “So how are the major wire services covering the story of Barack Obama’s pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and his insane, hateful statements blaming America for 9/11 … ?”

• “As the news of Barack Obama’s pastor and his racist, America-hating comments slowly spreads …”

• ”Barack Obama chose the radical hub of left-wing hatred on the web to post a response to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright controversy … He denies ever having heard Wright say anything outrageous. Excuse me while I guffaw … Obama is, quite simply, lying when he says he never heard Wright say these kinds of things.”

• “More evidence that Obama is lying about his association with Rev. Wright …”

• “America wrestles with the issue of whether it would be a good idea to elect a President with a 20-year history of associating with people who hate America.”

• “Here’s Barack Obama’s appearance on Fox News, trying to explain his association with America-hating racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright … Notice the relentless head tilt.”

• “The mainstream media are completely, utterly in the tank for Barack Obama.”

• “The official Barack Obama campaign web site has quietly airbrushed away any mention of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, with no statement or explanation … Stalin ain’t got nothin’ on the ‘progressive’ wing of the Democratic Party.”

And much, much more.

I'm sure that Johnson would merely say that he's had a change of heart.  Seems closer to the truth that he has had a loss of mind.

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