Monday, May 11, 2009

As Long As Their Priorities Are Straight

'They Said They Were Democrats First' More likely they are losers first and Democrats somewhere down the line.

Let’s review. The party of the first is a narcissistic puke who screwed around on his cancer stricken wife with a whack job and fathered a child which he denies.

The party of the second part is the narcissistic wife of the puke who in the mother of all “look at me” ploys wrote a book and went on Oprah to talk, talk, talk about what should be a private affair.

The party of the third part, the afore mentioned whack job, accepted money to deny her own child’s paternity but then changed her mind when the narcissistic wife wasn’t sufficiently respectful.

The party of the fourth part is a pack of handlers and hangers who were happy to take a narcissistic puke’s money but had a Plan B in case things didn’t work out.

The party of the fifth part is an innocent baby girl who doesn’t appear to have an honest adult anywhere in her life. Damn shame nobody thought to be a decent human being first.

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