Saturday, May 30, 2009


Ted Rall has called on President Obama to resign. Good luck with that. But all snickering aside, and Rall’s post is definitely snicker worthy, if I am understanding the complaint, it is that Obama hasn’t been as efficient as Rall had hoped at driving the country to total ruin.

The crux of Rall’s lament is “preventive detentions”, a tool the government employs to detain those people who might be inclined to commit an illegal act. In its current manifestation the administration uses it to hold suspected terrorists that for whatever reason, they can’t seem to bring to trial. I don’t hold a lot of truck with terrorists so should they find themselves behind bars and should the keys somehow come up missing, I won’t lose any sleep. However, preventive detentions are nothing new and had Rall made even a passing mention of the more common usage he might have gotten my ear.

In our hemisphere, preventive detention is most commonly used by such “progressive” countries as Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. In fact, it is often employed in these countries against citizens who publicly state that their benevolent leaders should resign. Luckily, and no thanks to those of his ilk, Rall can criticize the administration, for now, without that fear.

Given that we are on the Bullet Train to Hell, Rall’s whining that the Conductor in Chief isn’t getting us to the station quick enough is more than a little pathetic. RS McCain summed it up nicely by saying that If Obama's lost Ted Rall...he's lost un-America. I don’t think Obama has lost un-America; they just want him to hurry up.

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