Monday, May 4, 2009

Where Have All The Children Gone?

“Most of the secondary impulse stuff falls under the broad category of self-gratification issues: we want the state to take care of our elderly relatives not so much because it’s better for them but because otherwise the olds coots would cut seriously into our own time. Fair enough. But once you decide you can do without grandparents, it’s not such a stretch to decide you can do without grandchildren.”

Mark Steyn writing in America Alone

Throughout the civilized world, couples are deciding that they would rather have money and freedom than children. Children are expensive and challenging, and if you care at all about getting it right, children are a sacrifice. Any parent will tell you that there are times when they just don’t feel like being a parent. As much as they may want to, parents don’t have the luxury of calling in sick.

We live in a “I want it now!” and a “I deserve it now!” world. Our parents lived through the Great Depression and came through it determined that we would never do without the things that we needed. In turn, my generation came up with everything we needed and were determined that our children would have everything they wanted. The path to Hell really is paved with good intentions.

I have children and I have grandchildren. What I want most for them is the world I grew up in. I grew with freedom and all the messiness that comes with it. I want them to live in a world that allows them to choose what religion, if any, they follow. I want them to determine what books they read or movies they see. I want them free. There are, right now, people who would deny those freedoms living in our society.

I have asked several people today, friends, co-workers and family to do me a favor. Now I am asking you. Please follow this link. Watch the video, think about the ultimate consequences for a society that has given up having children, and please, pass the link on.

h/t The Other McCain

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