Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pulling The Welcome Mat

The good news is that Great Britain supports free speech. Unfortunately, that freedom is restricted to people who call for the slaughter of those who disagree with them. Seems like an odd stand for a country who believes itself so intellectually superior to their spin-offs on this side of the pond.

Jolly ol' England has come up with a list of people that they consider too dangerous to step on their shores. Well, maybe not violent per se, but people who aren't nice. One name stood out on the list for me, and it wasn't Michel Savage, who I wouldn't know him if he walked up and turned me over his knee. Fred Phelps caught my eye. Phelps is a morally repugnant douche bag who would greatly benefit from an enema. However, if Phelps and his fellow flying monkeys decided to have a parade on the streets of my town I would feel perfectly happy to not show up. That is how you handle the Phelps of the world. You ignore them. They aren't dangerous. England is ignoring dangerous people and banning those they should ignore.

I don't understand their reasoning. I'm just grateful I live in a country that is less civilized and much more free.

h/t Allahpundit

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