Friday, May 22, 2009

Crist and Resume Building

Many years ago, when I was fresh out of college and hoping to get ahead in banking, one of my betters gave this career advice, “Never stay on a job long enough for the boss to figure out that you don’t know what you are doing.” I thought of that advice today when I read Larry Thornberry at the American Spectator writing on Charlie Crist.

Charlie is a charming fellow who knows how to work a room, and has floated from one Florida office to another on an engaging smile, a few populist bromides, a great tan, and the ability to convince voters he has their best interests at heart and knows how to make their lives better. He is in fact empty political calories. He's accomplished next to nothing in the many Florida offices he's held, none of them for long before he was seeking the next office. The only thing he's worked hard at, or seems really committed to, is keeping himself in office.

Charlie Crist is ambitious. There is nothing wrong with that, ambition is a positive quality. However, in and of itself, ‘ambitious’ is not interchangeable with ‘successful.’ Crist’s resume, like our President’s, is long on titles but short on accomplishments.

Crist can’t be bothered with doing the hard work, he’s got his eye on the door. If, and I don’t believe he will, but if, he takes Mel Martinez’s seat, he will still be looking at the door. And if he has to pull a Specter to get through that door, he’ll do it. He isn’t going to let principal stand between him and the next title on his resume. According to the NRSC, fecklessness isn’t a flaw, it is a feature. What does that say about the NRSC’s judgement?

Not One Red Cent

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