Thursday, May 28, 2009

Info@NRSC.Org Needs To Hear From You

I was talking on my daughter on the phone one day when I accomplished something that I am certain no person has accomplished before-I stunned my daughter into silence. I said that I am no longer certain that I am a Republican. My daughter wasn’t the only one shocked, when I heard the words out loud I literally felt sick.

Being a Republican has been a central component of my ‘me-ness’ since I was nineteen years old; or so I thought. In a case of “better late than never”, I have put a lot of thought lately in to how I identify myself and have realized that I have supported the Republican Party because I am a conservative and at one time, the Republican Party best exemplified conservatives.

For reasons I don’t understand, the Republican Party turned its back on conservatives, and the Republican Party platform, the moment they gained control of Congress and the Presidency. We had the opportunity to advance our ideals and the Party squandered that opportunity. The Republicans in Congress morphed in to Democrats and spent taxpayer money as if it were their own and the Republican president tossed his veto pen in the back of a cluttered drawer and never took it out again.

What now? To start, we take RS McCain’s advice and say, Good-Bye 'Republican' Leaders. We should no more support the Republican leadership than we would the Democratic leadership. As conservatives, our efforts and our money should be directed to those candidates and groups who represent us.

The leaders have done everything in their power to marginalize us. This has resulted in loss after loss and yet, they have not gotten the message. It is time to step it up. We must withhold our money; but it is not enough. We should keep each other informed; but talking amongst ourselves is not enough. I have talked about the need for a virtual Tea Party. I reach a small audience but The Other McCain, Michelle Malkin
Instapundit, RedState and The American Spectator reach millions. What would happen if these sites, and every site that links to them, called on their readers to email directly to the NRSC ( and send the message “I am a conservative and you don’t represent me.”? Would they recognize conservatives if we completely clogged their in box?

You may have gathered that I am an ‘in you face’ person not given to subtlety. Anybody with me?

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Linda said...

Right on Carol..I'm currently trying to find a website to talk DIRECTLY to whoever in the nrsc listens to it's supporters, and has any authority to implement some NEEDED changes in policy. I too have supported the nrsc for decades, watching it "compromise" on nearly ever issue. I noticed the change with the "compassionate republican" logo years ago. The latest is McConnels "lets make a deal" on Senate approval for presidential appointees.
Maybe it's time for my support to got to a candidate with the guts to support CONSERVATIVE principals and the CONSTITUTION.