Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Marco Rubio for the US Senate

Right Wing News earns a great big Amen! for this:

John Cornyn Should Resign As Head Of The NRSC

"In a repeat of the sort of stupidity that the GOP engaged in back in 2004 in Pennsylvania (Specter vs. Toomey), Cornyn and the NRSC are actually endorsing a guy who will end up voting against the GOP half the time if he gets in the Senate -- over a credible conservative candidate."

Exactly. How many times do these guys have to get it wrong before they figure out that conservatives are tired of our party backing candidates who act as if they are ashamed of conservative values? We raised our voices together on April 15th but our own party leaders stuck their fingers in their ears and refused to listen.

Remember, the NRSC is backing the RINO Crist against the conservative Marco Rubio, in the primary race. Backing Crist in the general election, should he win the primary, is absolutely the NRSC's job. Throwing the primary is not. Further, why do they have so little faith in conservative Floridians, and conservativism in general, that they have decided that we can not win?

Scarier still, does the NRSC think that we can win but are throwing their money at Crist to insure that we don't?

h/t The Other McCain

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