Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Taking a Second Look at Moderates

There is a great debate going on within the Republican Party. Should we stick to our conservative principals or modify our message to attract more moderates. Unfortunately, there are those in the media who are adding fuel to fire by casting conservatives as angry, out of touch and irrelevant while featuring moderates as the new and improved face of the party. Anyone who has spent much time at this site knows that I don’t hold moderates in high regard. I’ve honestly never had much use for them. I have to admit, I was wrong.

“And what about moderates? I know this won’t make me popular with the Republican base, but we have to make every effort we can to get as many moderates into the Republican Party as possible. Let’s bend on any issue necessary and soften our rhetoric to get every squish behind us. Let’s even invite Arlen Specter back; we can tell him we were wrong and trillions in wasteful spending is a great idea right now. We need all the moderates we can get to join us, because when everything goes to hell, they’ll be a great source of cheap labor and — in a worse case scenario — food. So for the future survival of the party, moderates are very important.”
Frank J. Fleming

I had never looked at moderates in that light before. But I feel better knowing that when the great darkness comes, and it will, that I will be able to count on them for something. I’ve heard they taste like chicken.
Read Fleming’s entire piece.


Jason Baugher said...

Yeah, let's invite all the moderates into the party. Then we can muddy up our message so that noone has any idea what principles we stand for.

"Pro-life? Yeah, we're pro-life, mostly. Immigration control? Yeah, we're mostly for that too. What we really like to do is ride the fence, picking our side based on who we're pandering to for votes at the time."

"So you're basically no different than Democrats?"

"Not really."

Aaron said...

I've always like this quote from Bryanna Bevens: "A 'moderate' Republican is more often than not just a Democrat with good fashion sense. I don’t understand the need for an alternative category."