Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Save A Seagull, Screw A Taxpayer

Henry Waxman, (D) Ferengi*, Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee has decided that he will bypass the sub-committee and take Cap and Trade and other “climate change” related legislation straight to the full committee. Seems the good chairman has run in to problems with a few democrats and environmental groups.

Apparently, some democrats fear that the energy bill may have a negative effect on the commerce in their districts and some environmental groups don’t give two shits about commerce but they object to renewable energy sources impacting their personal environment. Don’t they just make a lovely couple? Both sides want to bend you over a chair but only if they don’t have to buy dinner first.

I reserve the bulk of my scorn for the environmentalists because I live in Florida. I like the idea of harnessing the wind. Do you know how many wind farms we have in Florida? None. Environmentalists object because birds might fly in to them. How about underwater turbines? Nope. Fish might swim in to them. Offshore drilling? Please. You see, environmentalists are all for snail darters and gopher turtles and seagulls (which are the most obnoxious birds known to man) but it is always open season on taxpayers.

I belong to the Drill baby, drill! Club. It kills me that I am supporting Islamic terrorists every time I put gas in my car while my government, current and past, leaves the oil and natural gas we need sitting in the ground untapped. Because of environmentalists my government allows people who would see me dead set the price of a gallon of gas.

These people, who care so much about the environment, don’t give a flip about me or you. Well our greatest natural resources are our human resources and it is about time we stand up and say, “no more.”

h/t Michelle Malkin

*This the second time (in print) that I have referred to Waxman as (D) Ferengi. An alert commenter correctly pointed out that it should be (D) Ferenginar. I am sticking with Ferengi because it strikes me as being snarkier.

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