Saturday, May 2, 2009

Random Thoughts On Beig A Feminist, Part II

Today’s Saturday afternoon diversion comes via RS McCain, who informs us that this is National Offend a Feminist Week. A rather simple task, and I am happy to do my part.

Feminists mistakenly believe that women should be more like men. However, rather than striving to incorporate men’s finest qualities-intelligence, charm, humor, feminists seek to empower themselves through the use of vulgarity. Thus, feminists like Jeanne Garofalo come off sounding crude and insane, while real women, like Michelle Malkin appear reasoned and informed. My advice to young women who are seeking a well rounded measure of success in their lives should look to the Michelles of the world rather than the Jeannes.

The greatest mistake that feminists make is modeling themselves after men in the area of sexual promiscuity. Men are sluts because they can well afford to be. Women who believe that unfettered sexual activity gives them power are in denial of basic biological facts. The consequences of sexual activity falls squarely on women. Further, words like slut and skank are still part of vocabulary because that is how men view women who are “easy”.

Feminists fail to understand that they will never reach equality by traveling the low road. Women who play off their own strengths, and not men’s weaknesses, are the women who succeed.
h/t The Other McCain


richard mcenroe said...

"Further, words like slut and skank are still part of vocabulary because that is how men view women who are “easy”."

To be fair, it is also because women resort to them at the drop of a hat in response to other women who seem at all challenging or threatening to them. I think Sarah Palin would testify to that.

Carol said...

I'll give you hat Richard, but you have to admit that every man wants to get laid but rarely do men respect women who jump straight in the sack with them.

Conversely, isn't it odd (hypocritical) when feminists throw around the word "slut" to degrade women like Sarah Palin yet they hold "slutty" behavior in such high esteem?