Sunday, May 10, 2009

Good Grief!

If you need any further proof that the Left has had it's funny bone surgically removed look no further than DijonGate. For those of you unfamiliar, William Jacobsen wrote satirically about the President's choice of mustard at his blog, Legal Insurrection. Judging from the reaction of the left, you would the think that the Professor had published drawings of the President wearing a bomb shaped turban.

Let's be clear, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart owe their careers to President Bush. Neither one of them is particularly funny except in a juvenile, PeeWee Hermann kind of way, but Presidents are funny, and Obama is no exception.

Obama's attempts to play himself off as "just a regular Joe" have repeatedly come off lame to the point of being side-splitting. Is there anyone who doesn't laugh at the mere mention of "arugula"? Every time Obama shows up at a bowling alley, bar or burger joint the results are humorous.

Until the President gets over his "I'm not a real mortal, I just play one on TV" thing, he's going to continue to be comical. A sense of humor will make the next four years a lot more bearable, for all of us.

h/t The Other McCain and Legal Insurrection

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