Monday, May 11, 2009

Where Have All The WatchDogs Gone?

By now we’ve all heard what a hoot the White House Correspondents Dinner was the other night. The jokes flowed fast and loose. The funniest line of the night came from the President himself, “Government without a tough and vibrant media is not an option for the United States of America.”

Tough and vibrant media. Heh. Those ninnies who said the President doesn’t have a sense of humor are eating their words now….On the other hand, if what he meant was the he needs a tough and vibrant press to act as his personal attack dogs against anyone who opposes him? That wouldn’t be funny.

Looking back over the last several months I am inclined towards the latter rather than the former. We’ve long kept free by a strong, impartial press. No more. The main stream press is now the propaganda wing of the government and it happened without our media being over-thrown, “nationalized” by the administration. They simply sold out.

h/t Cold Fury

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