Saturday, May 9, 2009

Who Does The Future Belong To?

Stacey McCain did a comparison between states that have legalized gay marriage and states who favor traditional marriage and found that the “gay” states have significantly lower birth rates. Well,duh. Central to “traditional values” is optimism. Optimistic people honor the past, value the present and look forward to the future. Couples who enter into marriage with an optimistic vision of the future want to share that future with children.

The good news is, the future belongs to breeders. Progressives, with their negative world view, don’t assign any value to having children. This is apparent in feminist who eviscerate women who have chosen to raise children and rabid environmentalists who seek a one-child, or worse, no-child solution to “saving the environment” (which begs the question-who are they saving it for?). By their own choices, progressives will dwindle and eventually cease to exist.

Let’s not celebrate just yet. Eventually will take a few generations and there is much mischief progressives can cause in the mean time.

While the left may not have any plans for their own children, they have plenty for ours. Their two biggest tools are our schools and the media. Our children, as a whole, are barely proficient reading, writing, math or science even when compared to children in countries whose standard of living is far inferior to our own. Rather than giving our children the skills they need to succeed the classroom is used to foster ideology. Our children can regurgitate talking points but their ability to apply logic has been systematically and intentionally atrophied.

The media picks up where our schools leave off. Everything our children are exposed to, books, magazines, music, movies, and television are progressive agenda driven. Our children are bombarded with images and messages designed to erect a wall between them and traditional values and short of chaining our children in a closet there is little means of protection.

What can parents do? Take the Tea Party to your child’s PTA. Take the Tea Party to the school board meeting. Be informed. Be aggressive. Let the administration and teachers know that as a taxpayer you pay their salaries, they work for you and as their boss you demand accountability. Know the materials the school is using and whether the materials are being used to educate or indoctrinate.

Don’t give the media a pass but whenever possible, or as much as you can stomach, resist the urge to ban. Instead, have frank discussions with your children about your values and how media distorts and impugns those values. Draw your children’s feelings out and help them to think about the words and images they are exposed to.

These are difficult times for traditionalists. Mainly, because we’ve sat back and played nice while allowing not so nice people to set the agenda. I am an optimist. I am seeing more and more people willing to stand up for their values. Quite frankly, if progressives have decided to stop breeding it just makes our job easier.

h/t The Other McCain

For those of you who doubt that that our schools are staffed by agenda driven quarter-wits. I give you this:

Question: Why can’t Johnny do math?

Answer: Because in a public school, the Pacific Justice Institute reported: “A lesbian minister was invited to guest lecture for math and science classes. At that time, she shared her personal views on homosexuality, including a discussion of her lesbian wedding, the homosexual prom, and other such events and things that many parents were very concerned about once they heard this had taken place."

I rest my case. Thank you, Don.

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Anonymous said...

The future does indeed belong to the breeders. And hands down, the winners are Muslims. Only if you add in the birth rate of immigrants to our birth rate do we even reach the 2.11 children per family required for minimal replacement.

Europe? Gone, their native populations are in the low to mid 1s while Muslim are over 6-in 50 years Europe will be solid Muslim.

Here it's projected there will be 50 million Muslims in 50 years while the rest of our population will show little growth-that works out to about 1/6 of our country Muslim.

Funny thing is, they have values far more closely in tune with conservatives, just like Jews and Mexicans, but for a host of reasons, they will vote democrat-go figure