Monday, May 11, 2009

Rubio Announces His Senate Candidacy

Conservative Floridians who were dismayed at the prospect of Gov. Charlie Crist running for the senate seat being vacated by Mel Martinez can breath a sigh of relief. Marco Rubio has announced his candidacy, giving Floridians a clear choice in the primary between an Arlen Specteresque RINO in the form of Crist or a candidate who supports true conservative values.

Rubio, who has served in the Florida House since 2000, is a fiscal conservative who has championed lower taxes and smaller government. While Crist welcomed the stimulus money, and the federal government strings attached, with open arms, Rubio spoke out against the waste of taxpayer money.

As the race kicks in I will look forward to highlighting the differences between Charlie Crist and conservative Marco Rubio.

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