Saturday, May 16, 2009

Attention NRSC: Not One Red Cent

November 2010 is a long way off but already the Florida senate race is heating up. On the Republican side the contest is between conservative Marco Rubio and Charlie Crist, who represents the Coke Zero wing of the party. In a stunning act of over-reach the NRSC is backing Crist.

It is the NTSC’s job to get Republicans elected to the US senate. They claim they are backing Crist because he has the better shot at winning the seat. This contradicted by the fact that the NRSC doesn’t even believe that he can win the primary without their help.
The NRSC is trying to tell the people of Florida that they know better than we do who we should have representing us. This is a load of crap. This our state and we will decide who we give voice to.
Several websites are available to help Floridians and anyone else who believes that the NRSC has overstepped their bounds and a good place to start is In the last few days over five thousand people have committed to standing up with Marco and the number keeps growing. You can send a powerful message to the NRSC that Conservatives will not back them if they continue to support candidates who spit on our values by speaking out at Not One Red Cent. Erik Erickson of Red State has started a Facebook group dedicated to opposing the NRSC.

None of us are in this alone and together we have the ability to shape the future of our country. Think of it as one huge online Tea Party. Wee can come together, exchange ideas and then go spread the message. We have a dog in this fight and it is time to show “The Party” that our dog does bite.

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