Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Get Ready For A National Sales Tax

JammieWearingFool asks, "Dude where's my tax break?"

The willful gullibility of the American public never ceases to amaze me. Remember all that change you were hoping for? Well you got it and guess what, now you are going to pay for it. Yeah, I know, you're in that 95% percent group. You were told that the government would give you health care, pay your mortgage and put gas in your car. You bought it hook, line and sinker.

gul·li·ble [gúlləb'l]adj easily duped: tending to trust and believe people, and therefore easily tricked or deceived.

The country is broke and soon you will be too. You're going to get that health care and Cap and Trade and you are going to pay for it every time you buy a gallon of milk or buy your baby a new pair of shoes. It is called a value added tax and it will apply to every single thing you buy and every service you use. How much would this VAT be? The figure being swatted around is twenty-five percent.

I guess it is a bit late to remind you to be careful what you wish for.

Related from Gateway Pundit-The US has lost 16,000 jobs each and every day since the Stimulus Bill was passed. Hope. Change. Doom. Or as RS McCain keeps saying It Won’t Work.

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